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E-fullfilment module

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I am looking for a module to assist with e-fullfilment on my store.

I have sourced several products from a multitude of suppliers. My store takes orders for the commodities, but these are in the distributors warehouses, etc. When a purchase is made, I need to inform them to ship product(s) to the customer. The ability to manage an invoicing system beyond just an e-mailing function would be very useful also.


Does anyone know of a module, AddON that could provide this





PS: osCommerce 2.3x

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Hey Joseph,


Going through your requirement, you want your suppiler to be notified whenever their product is an order placed. Then they could be able to ship that product to the location and can generate invoice.


Am I right?



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Although MVS has some of the functionality you are looking for, the complete module would be a custom coding project.





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