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MySQL with CJK characters backup/restore incorrectly

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We are Chinese. You know our characters like Japanese and Korean are called CJK code, or BIG5 code, or more generally UTF-8.


I can enter our characters into OSC MySQL database and came out displayed correctly,

although if I read in phpMySQL directly, they appears incorrectly like ????


The problem happens when I backup my database. (I tried both the original backup tool and the add-on backup manager, and directly using phpMYSQL) The backup file is also correct, perfect readable in our WIN7 or XP etc. like other files, and my editor told me it is UTF-8. However, when I inject them back into my database using phpMySQL, (The backup add-on simply does not always work.) it came out WRONG.


People suggested that I should make the coding method in the table UTF-8 by adding "TYPE=MyISAM CHARACTER SET=utf8"

to my CREATE TABLE command. Yes, that make the reading in phpMySQL correct

(note, previously this was wrong). But what came out of my webpage is still WRONG.

I don't care much about whether phpMYSQL came out right or not, since that is only internal system.

But what came out of the webpage is crucial. Actually, don't even care about whether the backup file is readable or not,

as long as it can be restored.

Anyone knows, how can I get it right? Thanks

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