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which database backup add-on did I installed?

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I installed a OSC database backup add-on at the beginning when I touched OSC.

Which one exactly, I have no idea.

But it worked well on my OSC 2.3.1

I have tried to restore my system from database crash.

The backup tool appears at the left column of my OSC tools.


However, there are problems.


1. If I tried to import the backup file directly from phpMyAdmin I always fail.

The error messages said there are some extra, unknow characters.

However, if the backup file is used from


2. I have to migrate to another site with the backup.

After I reinstalled OSC, I use the backup tool to restore the back up files.

Presumably the backup file contains the previous administrator information, directory, etc?

I immediate have to re-enter my administrator account.

But non of my administrator account can enter the system now.


SO, anyone know which back-up tools am I using?

How should I recover from such problem?

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Oscommerce comes with a database backup tool, so you may be using the standard one.


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