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protecting directories

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I am familiar with the cpanel, but my new host does not have that and i'm struggling to get my head around it.


I have still to sort out the site, so i don't want to block myself out of it, but i suppose i should secure it before i begin?


When i click on protect directories on my hosts panel i get the box below.


Do i secure catalog/admin or just catalog, or something completely different!!






apattern.co.uk Back

Add Protected Directory



Domain: apattern.co.uk




Manage Protected Directories


There are currently no protected directories for this domain.

Running a botched up version of  osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.4 bootstrap with the dresscode theme installed, numerous add-ons, terrible coding, terrible website, but will have to make do until I have made up for my losses and can risk shutting down for a couple of weeks while I start all over again. - I did not install my program but am endeavouring to fix it with your help.

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rename the directory admin to something else.


Change the admin directory name in 2 places in


/newadmin dir name/includes/configure.php


Then password protect the new admin directory.


This is called security through obscurity.





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This is called security through obscurity.


To be fair to a noobie, the renaming of admin/ to somethingElse/ is "security through obscurity". That is, the admin directory no longer has a widely known name -- a hacker might have to do some digging or even social engineering to get the name.


The password protection is a further layer of protection, requiring another hoop to jump through (ID and password) to get to the Good Stuff. That's certainly not STO.

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I would also recommend adding osc_sec and IP Trap for additional protection.

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