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Zone based Shipping rates problem

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i know a lot of similar issues have been discussed, but looking around the forums I haven't found the answer to my problem. So I hope someone can help out me here.


Using the Zone based Shipping rates module I have set zone 1 shipping table to: 300:2.95,500:3.95,1000:4.95

which is supposed to be in grams.


I have set the weight unit to g. in admin>my store. and in the database I have set decimals (5,0).


And in admin>configuration->shipping/packaging I have set tare weight to 0 and max package weight to 25000.


So what I basically want to achieve is:


Item weight:

Up to 300 grams - £2.95

301 - 500g - £3.95

501g - 1kg - £4.95

1kg - 25kg - £6.95


So In my products I set the weight 500 it calculates the price 4.95, 300 price is £3.95 and if I enter item weight as 1000 is shows "The shipping rate cannot be determined at this time"


I have tried different combinations and settings and still can't get it to work.


Would appreciate some help.




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Look in Configuration>Maximum Values and make sure your basket maximum quantity is greater than 1000. I've had the same thing happen when the default (I think it's 900) isn't changed.

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-- Trying to figure it out, just like everyone else --

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