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securehosting payments taken, no orders recorded in osc 2.3.1

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Hello all


I am having an intermitant issue with orders going astray with customer using our osc sites.


We use a securehosting payment page, customers are sent to this to take credit card details, then they should be sent back to the checkout_success.php

99% of orders placed it works correctly and this occurs, but on the remaining 1% of orders placed the customers payment is taken by securehosting, but they are not returned to the checkout_success.php and as a result no order is generated in oscommerce.

no emails etc are sent either obviously, so we have no idea we have received an order until chased by customer.

the items customer has ordered remain in their basket.

from the customers we have been able to get feedback from, it usually looks as website has timed out.. it could be the case?


basically just wondered if anyone else has experienced this with securehosting or any other payment gateway, and if they have how do they deal with it?


many thanks



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