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How to start using GIT with existing customized MS2 site ?

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I found this blog post, which outlines a way to move from my local custom filebase to a repository on GIT.


I have no experience with GIT, is this considered the best way to do this ?

Any alternatives or better ways,

Anything in particular to consider ?


I would like to share some code with people and have an easier way to keep uptodate on any changes coming along.


I've started from an 2.2 MS2 base


I've used version control systems quite some time ago and are familiar with file groupings and version classes and release management overall, but have no clue on how to start with git.

Any books/tutorials or other information that might help to get me upto speed quickly ?




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Laurent, in my store thread, gitorius is mentioned.


Is it so that using GIT locally, you can decide if you use github or gitorius repositories within the same local environment ?

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