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PayPal Website Payments Pro Error "Unable to set private key" Error 58

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Hi all!


I recently have been running into a problem on an OSCommerce site using the one page checkout contribution.


Using Paypal Website Payments Pro, the user enters their credit card information (for Direct Payments) on checkout_payment.php and then are taken to the checkout_confirmation.php page.


All is good until they confirm... the user is then sent to checkout_shipping.php (which is normally not used in the one page checkout). Once they choose their shipping option again, they are sent to the checkout_payment.php page and greeted by the following error:


unable to set private key file: '/path_to/includes/modules/payment/wpp_cert/paypal_cert_pem.txt' type PEM (Error No. 58)


Does anyone have any ideas that could be causing this error?


Any leads or speculation will be greatly appreciated!

Edited by Jan Zonjee

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Update: fixed it, woohoo!


Turns out the certificate was bad. I removed the certificate from the server, removed the certificate from Paypal, generated a new certificate on Paypal, uploaded the certificate to the server and it works.


Crisis averted. Time to get paid, yo.

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