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How edit welcome email sent to customers

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Hello. 1/3 to 1/2 my customers can not figure out how to download their products after purchase. os commerce does not make the process intuitive. I've created a instruction page on my webpage to help customers with that. I figure the best place to provide that link to the customer is in the welcome email that oscommerce automatically sends to the customer. Can anyone tell me which file to modify to edit this automatically generated email?

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Alter your checkout_process.php page to add to the email.


Search for


// lets start with the email confirmation



alter it to look like


$email_order = EMAIL_TEXT_DOWNLOADS . "\n" .


STORE_NAME . "\n" .

EMAIL_TEXT_ORDER_NUMBER . ' ' . $insert_id . "\n" .

EMAIL_TEXT_INVOICE_URL . ' ' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_ACCOUNT_HISTORY_INFO, 'order_id=' . $insert_id, 'SSL', false) . "\n" .

EMAIL_TEXT_DATE_ORDERED . ' ' . strftime(DATE_FORMAT_LONG) . "\n\n";


Then in your includes/languag/english/checkout_process.php add


define('EMAIL_TEXT_DOWNLOADS', ' Add your text here');


I had to do the same for my store, and i still get people saying they cannot download products. I added text to the actual checkout_sucess page and the email that is sent after completion. Best of luck.

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