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Yay! Web is back working

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I am still on dial-up and gave up after 10+ minutes, home page still didn't fully load. Sorry!


From what I seen while waiting, you need to double check your spelling and sentence structure.


The fancy lettering was a bit hard on the eyes to read.

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First of All, you should change the landing Page to something looks beautiful. current Landing page is awkward , and change your shop theme to match the theme of Landing page

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I have just had a quick look at your store, and to be honest it looks like a stock store, and all the information pages do not work as they should.


The look of the site does not match your landing page.


I did also notice that you have the prices in dollars and euros, but they are both the same. 75 dollars is not the same in euros.


Some of your category text is capitalised and some isnt. keep it all the same.


I hope for your sake that you get your store sorted soon. Then you can spend time trying to get it to look nice, then maybe you will start selling things, which at the end of the day is why you have a store. Oscommerce works as a fresh install, so you have messed something up somewhere.


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