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Template creation

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Apologies if this topic has been covered. I've used the search function and trawled some threads, but time isn't on my side and I'd love some help on this topic.


I'm creating a shopping cart for a client, one that will sell digital art. He already has a website run on expression engine. I'm running the cart off OScomm 2.3.1. I want them to look the same.


I've never created a template for anything before. I've worked with Joomla in the past but this is my first experience with OSC.


What I do have is all the stylesheets from his website.


I know some people are probably going to say 'pick a new software' or 'get paid help' or 'you can't do it'. I appreciate that you're the experts but I don't have a choice at the moment, I'm working with OSC and that's that. This may not work out but I'm going to try it.


How can I go about incorporating these CSS into a OSC template? Is there any software that will help me build a template for this or to use some CSS to mimic the look and feel of the other site?


Thanks in advance for anyone who puts some effort into a response.


And to mods, sorry if this has been done to death. I mod a poker forum and I know the frustrations that come with.


Thanks ya'll

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You can use Theme Roller to create a theme that is similar to your current website (which is the easiest way) or you can create a complete template which takes much more time and skill. There is no general rule or guide for creating templates, but you will want to change as few of the core files as possible.




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I have learning about OSC. And now I want to create a new template by myselft But I don't know begin from where.

Can you help me?


Many Thanks

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At the moment, the 231 osc software needs edits to CSS and (some of) it's core PHP files to make a look that is more than a change of colour. The basic idea is that the following files are usually amended;





Stylesheet is not usually amended. You make new stylesheets and reference them in /includes/template_top.php.


Sometimes /includes/template_bottom.php


Then you need to make new imagery to suit your new design.


So, the bare minimum of files to touch is 4; header,footer, template_top, template_bottom

And then you have your new imagery

And 1 (or more) css files (which are used to override styles in the original stylesheets)

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