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USPS shipping module- ready to scream....

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I get a Warning: unable to connect to production.shippingapis.com :80 (connection timed out) in blah blah blah http_client.php line 330.


here is line 318 to line 331:

// connect if necessary

if ( ($this->socket == false) || (feof($this->socket)) ) {

if ($this->useProxy) {

$host = $this->proxyHost;

$port = $this->proxyPort;

} else {

$host = $this->url['host'];

$port = $this->url['port'];



if (!tep_not_null($port)) $port = 80;


if (!$this->socket = fsockopen($host, $port, $this->reply, $this->replyString)) {

return false;



why must this happen it was working fine....!!!>!>!>1

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Which USPS module? Some modules use curl to connect to connect. Look at admin/server_info.php and search for "curl". If it's not enabled, curl functions wouldn't be available to the shipping module and it'd fail to communicate back with the USPS server(s).



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