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a problem that defies logic lol

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This is the craziest thing. While I'm building an osc site, I don't think osc is the problem, so I'm posting in the general discussion just to see if anyone else has ever run into this or has an idea...


I purchased some web space last night from blue host and pointed the domain (one and one) to it. Normally dns settings on one and one can take up to an hour before they're ready. Even though the dns settings weren't ready, I went ahead and uploded osc using the temporary url blue host gives you. The temp url seemed to mess up OSCs functionality (it seemed) and I waited hours but the process remained 'updating' so finally I went to bed. This morning the site was up for about a half hour but it seemed I could only get to it using www and without www I was getting the one and one splash screen that says 'this site was just purchased..yada yada'. Then everything went down again no matter what url i used. Checking the dns settings in the one and one admin panel, it said 'ready' and I double checked my entries and they were correct.


I called one and one first. The lady is telling me she sees the site using my domain no problem and explaining to me what a vanilla osc site looks like, so I know she was being truthful. I click again and I the site comes up for me only using www. So now I'm thinking I messed something up with the htaccess file or something and let her off the phone. I still have to set up ssl cert, config.php, and all that, so as long as I was able to get the site one way to work on it, I was fine.


Now, hours later, everything has gone down again. Sometimes whether I use the www or not, I'll get the one and one splash screen OR I'll get the blue host splash matter what...and sometimes the site pops up with no styling and clicking a link leads to nowhere. I've cleared the cache on FF, IE, and chrome and restarted the machine..doesn't matter, same thing on all browsers and random at that.


Now I'm furious, I call blue host this time. The guy tells me he has no problem seeing the site and is describing to the site to me exactly the way it should look at this point. While I have him on the phone, I go check on a computer in another room..sure enough I can see the site no problem. So the problem seems to be my working machine. The crazy part of it is that every other site (espn, google, youtube) works fine..just the one I'm working on, and on just the one machine!!!


So anyone ever had this problem or am I experiencing an early form of dementia? What's really getting me is that even if it is an issue thats affecting all 3 browsers on one pc, how are they getting re-directed to those 2 companies 'place holder' screens??? I'm using win7, all current versions of IE,FF,Chrome btw. is the site.

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just wanted to follow up in the event anyone should ever run into a problem where everyone else in the world can see their website but them. I later found that the problem did indeed occur with other computers in my house and I was fortunate to talk to a knowledgeable support guy at blue host who found the problem. Apparently att (my isp) has a server somewhere in the mix ( address) that is configured incorrectly and messing up the route. Seems obvious now but didn't when I thought other PCs in my house were getting through correctly, lol. I now wait for the att support center to open for business. :wacko:

Have a nice day

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