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The Feedmachine Solution - Question regarding setting 'condition'

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I am using the feedmachine solution for Google Base feed, but it sets all the condition to "New". We sell new and used products so I would like to be able to set the condition based on the condition attribute in the product. Is there any way to do this?


In Google-product-search-us-en.php, there are these lines:


'condition' => array('output' => 'new',

'type' => 'VALUE'




For example, I have an attribute called condition that I would like it map to the correct condition:


Condition in Attributes >> Condition for Google


Brand New >> 'New'

Brand New Retail Kit >> 'New'

Used / System pull >> 'Used'

Recertified >> 'Refurbished'


Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.

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