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Adding Images

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I'm doing way better with osCommerce than I did with Zen... I'm happy now with my colors and my bars... almost all the graphics.


My hold-out now is getting images to load. I hope I word this right...


While in Categories / Products I'm trying to load an image, I go to edit below Category Image and browse and find what I'm looking for, click save... it goes blank, nothing displays. Where am I messing up? Same is true when I do sub categories. I've tried them as GIF/JPG/PNG formats, I get same results.


I'm probably missing the obvious and will feel like a fool when I find what I'm doing wrong. ( I'm probably just doing it too many hours, and over tired, but still in a fog ) Any help will be appreciated.


It's amazing how much simpler this is over Zen. I kept asking redundant & stupid things there, it was like you were asking the CIA a question, they would never give a straight answer... just kind of hinted around.


Thank - You All :)

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Seems like you are on the right track. Just got to browse and upload and you should be good! Just make sure you specified the size in configuration>images. And you should be great!

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