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Payway not sending tax on shipping

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I am having a problem with Payway module not send the GST (TAX) of the shipping to the Payway system. Below is what I get back from the payment.


As you can see the GST (TAX) on the item but not on the shipping.


Receipt from Payway transaction:-

Description Quantity Unit Price GST Total (AUD)


1.5 V AA Battery Bracket 1 65.00 6.50 71.50 *

Shipping Method: Shipping within NSW (0.49 kg) (Standard Shipping) 1 9.70 0.00 9.70


Amount: AUD 81.20

Surcharge Amount: AUD 1.22

Transaction Amount: AUD 82.42

(Note: * Denotes prices which include GST)


Info from OScommer invoice:-



Shipping within NSW (0.49 kg) (Standard Shipping):$9.70

GST 10.0%:$7.37




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in checkout_process_payment find this line (or similar - I may have added the strip_tags call:


    $params['gst_exempt_fields'] = $params['gst_exempt_fields'] .'Shipping Method: '.strip_tags($order->info['shipping_method']);


comment that line and see what happens. however, disabling that line will probably add GST to international shipping. best to have a test, if international destination, then run that line.


hope this helps

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