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Support for Stripe.com?

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Well, I appreciate the effort - but I've not been successful in reproducing this with Chrome.  I've tried calling up the developer tools in Chrome, but there's so much there, I have no idea what to select to reproduce the output you have up there.  Can you point me in the right direction?


Meanwhile, I've tried the developer tools in FireFox and this is what the Debugger shows when arriving at the "checkout_payment.php" page:


<title>401 Authorization Required</title>
<h1>Authorization Required</h1>
<p>This server could not verify that you
are authorized to access the document
requested.  Either you supplied the wrong
credentials (e.g., bad password), or your
browser doesn't understand how to supply
the credentials required.</p>
<p>Additionally, a 404 Not Found
error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.</p>
<address>Apache Server at http://mystore Port 443</address>


I had applied an .htaccess file on the entire store, thinking I could lock it down and use it as a test site in the future after copying over to my production location.  I removed the password authentication lines in the htaccess file, however, and still get the above.


Forgive my ignorance again, but none of the code above is showing in any kind of browser window - things "look" just fine - it just doesn't get through the Stripe process successfully.


I also tried shutting off the UPS and USPS shipping and nothing changed.

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OK - solved the problem.  The built-in Stripe in OsC 2.3.4 is no good.


I removed it all, went with the Stripe-1.1 AddOn and now everything works.


BTW, the documentation for the Stripe-1.1 leaves a lot to be desired.  It references two files to install for the manual installation.  There are 5.  All 5 were built-in to OsC2.3.4, but I guess they weren't the same.



P.S. BTW, I tried removing and re-installing several times earlier with the built-in version in OsC 2.3.4.  None of that worked.

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Had a look at the zen one


so I converted it to OsCommerce 2.2


Its a simple convet for anyone who knows what they are doing


I'm trying to install on 2.2, and cannot get it to work, it says error, but no details when a card is entered. Any help?

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So I got that was linked to earlier in this thread:




But it doesn't actually work for me. My website is medexamtools.com. I SUSPECT that it's because my version of oscommerce is less recent (v2.2 rc2) DESPITE that it says it is compatible for it and not just 2.3, but I don't want to replace it with a newer version of oscommerce because I put in all sorts of customizations myself, such as shipping modules and whatnot and I wouldn't want to erase all that I did. Is there any way I can make this version of oscommerce, my shopping cart location:


work with this module?

The problems with the module as it is (first of all, after creating a new order status when I installed it, which was really annoying, I just want to keep it with pending, shipped, canceled and limbo thank you very much, I don't want a special pending for stripe) is that the complete order button at the very end doesn't do anything. When I set it to test mode or live mode, it just does nothing when I click the submit order button at the end, except ONE time where I tried it with internet explorer instead of firefox, and it said it couldn't display the page, and I shortly received an e-mail with just this for debug info:


    [osCsid] => 75d4baeb6c86be315c561db5f7dafbd5
I am not thrilled with enabling it, even in test mode, because I already had one customer who contacted me to cancel an order, and I know he must have been trying to use THAT module for payment even though credit card by authorized.net was option 2 and credit card (test mode) was option 3, I guess he still chose 3 anyway. But if anyone is willing to help me figure out what the deal is here, I'll enable it again. Otherwise, perhaps you're willing to tell me what I need to do to it to make it work with my current version of oscommerce, v2.2 rc2. I can say that I had to actually create new directories in my oscommerce1 directory to add the stuff in this module's zip file, it wasn't just modules and languages/modules, for 2 pairs of files, it was 6 files total and before I knew it, the thing had added a new order status and it still didn't work. I would really really like October to be the last month I have my current cc processing but I guess it's too late now unless I get it done today and cancel my account today which is probably not even possible since there's probably no one I can even call for this on Saturday. But then November. I definitely want November to be the last month.

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Official DOwnload:




Stripe is core code from v2.3.4 onwards.

Hi Gary.. I installed Stripe today on one of my OSCMAX carts but it just keeps failing.. I think it;s got something to with the gift voucher add in.. any ideas for me??

Debbie D
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