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Template problem

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I have down loaded and "installed" a free template for 2.3. It looks nothing like the demo page did! No left and right columns nothing! It looks terrible. I followed the instructions and it is terrible. What do I do? I guess i should have left it alone. the site is: http://www.leathernecks-swfl.com/Store.htm/

If I have to go back to original will i lose all my products? I am new at this, so any help will be greatly appreciated.

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You will not loose your products if you keep the same database


At this stage, it's maybe better to go on as folows:

- take a backup of your DB via phpMyAdmin

- Make a copy of your /images/ folder

- delete all files of the currect installation

- install a completely new osCommerce stotre

- import your database via phpMyAdmin

- replace the /images/ folder of the new store with your own folder

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