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Where does ot_subtotal gets the information?

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I got a problem with update my order. With order_editor.


After I change the quantity and push update.


The following was put in the orders_total table

title text value class sort_order

Sub-Totaal: 0.00EUR 0.00 ot_subtotal 1

PostNL (Pakket) 4.75EUR 4.75 ot_shipping 2

Gebruikte spaarpunten: -2.68EUR -2.68 ot_redemptions 3

Totaal: 587.07EUR 587.07 ot_total 4



The problem is the ot_subtotal. That gets into zero. I just wondering how the ot_subtotal calculates his price? What is the code? where do I have to look.

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Query: insert into osc_orders_total (orders_id, title, text, value, class, sort_order) values ('1875', 'Sub-Totaal:', '0', '', 'ot_subtotal', '1') something should be wrong...

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