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Customer Login Problem - login.php refreshes

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I have recently migrated my website from a shared to a dedicated server.


A couple of customers have recently emailed me to say that they are unable to login to the website to check the status of their orders. I am unsure whether or not it is just a coincidence that this has happenned after the migration.


I have thoroughly tested the login problem and it seems that it only happens when you go pretty much directly to the login page. For example by finding the website in google, opening the home page and then clicking 'my account'. If you do this and then try to log in the login.php page simply refreshes. If you then click on another page and then back to login.php before re-entering your login details, the login will be successful. If you go to the website, look at a few products and the try and login, login is successful.


I have noticed that if you go directly to the login page the web address is like:



Whereas if you visit a few other pages first it is like:



I'm not sure whether this is relevant but I have PWA, STS Templates and Ultimate SEOs installed.


If anyone cures my headache (aspirin will not suffice) I will beam kind thoughts in their direction.

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Check the sessions and cookies settings. Also, you mentioned STS, which leads me to believe you are using an older version of osCommerce. It could be that your new servers PHP and/ or SQL versions are not compatible with your osCommerce version.





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