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localhost connect to router

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Hi everyone,


I m new in oscommerce, I try to install an osc 2.3.1 in my XP, I put all Catalog file into www folder then install, the installation is successful, After install is completed, then I did remove the install folder, change all configure.php to read only all that stuff. After that I successfully browser the online store from outside the internet to the on both calalog and admin tool. like http://www.xxxxstore.com/index.php. Works prefect.


But my problem is, I can't get into the online store and Admin page by LAN PC successfully. like localhost/index.php and localhost/admin/index.php. What will happen is It will pop up the router login and password box, after i type root and password. The osc loaded but no image at all, and is not in a correct format. text only.


I read almost all articles from internet and one page describe my problem as may be I turn on something call like a remote access function in router. But I don't think so. coz i check my router setting, there is a admin page and inside there is a access page with is used to set the remote access, but it is disable.


I please anyone who know what happen.


I can not maintain the store if i can not browser it locally. My office only have one internet line.


My info as follow

Router: Buffalo WHR-G300N



osCommerce install info

Database Server : localhost



datebase Name : mysql


www address : http://www.veegostore.com/

webserver root directory : c:/appserv/www/


Is the above info cause my problem?! Or something do with my router.


Please please help.



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You probably need to add an entry into your windows HOSTS file

C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts	   veegostore.com	   www.veegostore.com


That way your browser will look to your locally installed webserver for that domain name.


What webserver are you using?

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Hi Taipo,


I am using Apache web server v.1.3.31.


After I adding these 2 lines, It works. Thank you so much.

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