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File attributes are wrong in admin backend

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Hi i have used 2 programs to change the file attributes as recommended by admin backend attributes security page , after i have changed them they do not change on the admin page ?

Is there something i need to do to make sure my security is ok ?

Thanks guys/ladies love Oscommerce

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If you are taking about setting file permissions you might need to use the file manager hat comes with your hosting package.





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Many servers are now configured to ignore permission change requests from FTP clients. No error is reported... they just don't change the file or folder permissions. You need to use your hosting control panel's file manager to successfully change permissions. Be aware that there are sometimes quirks in their behavior. For example, cPanel has a 3 x 3 matrix of checkboxes for user/owner, group, and other/world; by read, write, and execute. You can't just overwrite the permission numbers down at the bottom of the panel -- that will be ignored. You have to check/uncheck the boxes.

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