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how to pass product Attributes as merchant defined field (Auth.net AIM)

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I need to find code to properly pass product "Attributes" as a merchant defined field in the authorize.net payment module. In my authorizenet_aim.php file I have the following already which passes the products themselves, I just need to figure out the fields / code to use to pass the attributes...



// Add items ordered to merchants email as merchant defined fields Order - Product model, Product name and Qty ordered MC



for ($i=0, $n=sizeof($order->products); $i<$n; $i++) {

$x = $i + 1;

$data .= '&item' . $x . '=' . urlencode($order->products[$i]['model']) . ' -|- ' . urlencode(substr($order->products[$i]['name'], 0, 255)) . ' -|- ' . urlencode($order->products[$i]['qty']);






My intended use is that I have 1 product that has 5 different attributes (like 'color', 'size' , 'material' , 'somethingelse ' ,,,)


I know I can't be the first person with this issue, but my buddy Google has not helped so far so I'm looking for actual people to help :) !

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