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Make a copy of a shipping module to use separate

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I´m trying to make a copy of the zone.php shipping module to use it as two, or more, separate modules.

What I did is change the class name in all places where it appears in the document and of course I rename with that name the php file.

Every thing works ok and I could install both instances of the modules separately. For example I´ve zone 1.php, zone 2 .php and so on.


I´m working with PSM (Individual Product Shipping Method) where I can choose wich shipping module (method) I want to use with each product.

Every thing works ok....and in the store, when I check the purchase procedure it show me the shipping cost that I configure correctly... BUT


The copy of the original module does not pass to payment.php, stays in shipping.php. The oder is workin right...



Just to be sure, I did the same with another module (like item.php) and it does the same. So there is some conflict between the copies.



What I´m missing?



Danks for any Help

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Did you add a "_" into the module name, like zone_1.php and class zone_1 ?


Change it to a name like zone1.


Just a possible issue

Was that really ... thank you multimixer very much for your helpthumbsup.gif

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