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Recommendation For Mysql Database Compare Tool

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I am in the process of updating my site from RC2a to 2.31. I am looking for a good recommendation for getting the current database info to the new database. I have seen Mysql Toad, but any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you,


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I'm looking for the same thing.


I'll say this I have used http://www.mysqldiff.org/

1.5 released 2004 it has the feel a command line program running in a browser window. It creates an SQL-ALTER-Script


Basically I did a backup of my production database and loaded it to a temporary space, ran mysqldiff and got the alter script. Ran the scrip and didn't complete so had to run it table at a time It worked but was pretty time consuming and manual.


If anyone knows of a better choice I would love to hear it. I also checked out Mysql workbench but I think its really not the tool for the job.

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