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QTpro - Help Please

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Sorry to come on as such a newbie (well I am) but I have Oscommerce 2.3.1 and I tried following the directions to add QTpro 4.6.1 and well lets just say I have had to reinstall a fresh copy of 2.3.1 OK so I have the step by step manual but find that for me it lacks clear directions, I do not understand how I import the SQL file, then I do not know whether I ftp the new files to the server as they are or copy the file(s) contents into the existing folders? I hope someone can read this and have a good ole laugh, sit back in their chair and say out loud "But this is so easy". If that is you can you please tell me in simple step by step how to add this to my site or let me know where I can get more information. I have searched the forum here as well as various search engines but nothing, I am starting to think that maybe I am over thinking the whole process, but I don't think so. All help will be so appreciated.

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Hey Angela,


Just gotta take it one step at a time. If you don't have time or patience, you might consider hiring a developer to setup your store. :P


I'm not running QTpro specifically...however I've heavily modified my own OSC V2.3.1 store to include well over 20 contributions and even made a few simple ones myself now.


Basic understanding of html, css, php and mysql are very useful...you will have LOTS of reading and learning to do if you don't already have these skills. I'm not saying you have to be a professional or go get yourself a degree in order to do it, but learning the basics turns a bunch of jumbled nothing into something you can read and understand. w3cschools.com I found is nice, clean and makes the basics of these languages a little simpler to learn. After that, you'll find yourself staring at the MySQL 5.2 manual for a few hours at a time, LOL!


Once you can interpret the basic ideas of the code, you can successfully troubleshoot it.


There are several ways to import the SQL file. The most common method would be via phpmyadmin, this should be in your hosts control panel. If you are not sure where it is or how to find it, contact your host.


Hope that helps!




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Hey Thank You Chris, some great advice and leads on where to find some very needed education. I am OK with basic html and css and this procedure is OK just a bit confusing as to how to exactly to get started. I am confident that I can import the sql file, I thought that I had to replace or add this code to the existing file. I still do not understand what I do with the other folders/files that come with QTpro, not sure if I just add them to my directory (will they over right existing folders/files? are they supposed to over right existing folders/files?) or do I add the new files into the existing folders? ....... If I can clear this step up then I am sure I can do the rest .....





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Oh I should have added this is the only instructions to get started with:

Before you start... take a BACKUP!

Copy all new files to their destinations.

Import sql from SQL file. i.e. Just copy the contents of the file and paste it in the query window.


I am using the:

Step by Step QTPRO for Modified oscommerce 2.3.1 Stores.





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Hi Angela,

I am in the same state as you are! Even I have installed OSC v 2.3.1 and need to install QTPro.

The instructions assume you know your way around, which isn't the case for me either.


I am going to try the following:


1. Backup all files. I am doing this by copying all files to my computer (locally) in a directory, zipping it up and storing it with a date/time stamp.

Also, backup the database. The hosting provider will have a way to do this and would be able to help.


2. Copy all files to their destinations. I am doing this as follows: Unzip the QTPro to a directory (say, C:\UnZipQTP). It puts new files in certain subfolders. E.g. UnZipQTP\qtpro4.6.1\2.3.1\newfiles\Catalog\admin\includes\functions\qtpro_functions.php


I'll then copy the "qtpro_functions.php" to the folder "public_html\Catalog\admin\includes\functions\" on the server of my website.


Similarly, I'll copy the rest of the new files to their relevant folders. I believe the new files need to be added along with the files that already exist. Copying (&replacing) the directory will delete the previous files (I don't think the instruction wants to do this)


3. Import SQL. This is a bit different step. As it makes database changes, I believe I should run the SQL statements listed in the "config_and_new_install.sql" on my server database. I'll be doing this through the phpAdmin tools where I can run SQL statements.


The next steps are to make the suggested changes to a number of files. Use the change 2.3.1.html as a guide. It mentions the folder\filename, text to search for and text to replace or add new. It has a checklist button for each step. Mighty useful I say.


Gurus of OSC - Please correct me if I have misunderstood any step or doing anything wrongly.


Newbie Learner,


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Hi Sagar,

Thank You, That is what I thought but was not confident enough to give it a try, it seems like a lot of steps just for the adding of the new folders/files that if added to the how to would help people like me, lol

The other thing I just noticed is the wording of the heading: Step by Step QTPRO for Modified oscommerce 2.3.1 Stores. - for Modified oscommerce 2.3.1 Stores!. Mine is a 100% fresh install, am I missing something here...... Honestly people I am not usually this lost in any area, I have 3 active web sites and 2 moodle sites up and running but this is my first oscommerce site and I want it to be good.


Cheers and thanks for all help


Angela .

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Well, we learn as we go! I am a complete newbie myself, but I did manage to get the QTPro setup running on my fresh OSCommerce 2.3.1 install.

A bit of diligence & focus is all you need.


Follow the manual steps as follows:


1. Copy the new files to their respective locations. The are located in the same folders they ought to go on your site anyways. Logical.


2. Go to PHPAdmin, select your database you used when you installed OSC. There should be a SQL tab/button/hyperlink somewhere. Copy the code in the config_and_new_install.sql file & click a button to run the sql. Typically names - Go, or Run, or Execute....


3. Follow all the steps in the instruction manual carefully. Note - some statements ask for replacing existing code, while some code is to be appended.


Step 11.3 will give you trouble though. I have just found a fix which worked for me and pasted it on the discussion forum.


Refer the discussion forum here: http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/31484-contribution-qtpro-quantity-tracking-professional/page__hl__qtpro


Do start reading from the last page... most recent comments are displayed last.


I am not sure about what is referred to by the "modified" OSC bit mentioned in the manual, but mine was a fresh OSC 2.3.1 install too. No other changes. I installed QTPro and it worked just fine.


Good luck. Happy to help where I can... but my knowledge is very limited



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Can anyone help i have put QTpro on om osC

When i run the sql script i get:


SQL query:

# ===== QTPro =====

# These are database changes for a store that does not have a previous version of QT Pro installed.

# These database changes must be run uppon installation for the contribution to work.

# ====================

# Add new column to products_options to indicate if stock should be tracked for an option

ALTER TABLE products_options ADD products_options_track_stock TINYINT( 4 ) DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL AFTER products_options_name;

MySQL said: dot.gif

#1060 - Duplicate column name 'products_options_track_stock'




Also When i try to click on the product , it doesn't come up - www.misfitsbodypiercing.co.uk/catalog


The item has several different sizes, but i can't see how to add individual quantities


anyone help?



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