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Paypal express stopped showing order summary

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This seems to have happened out of nowhere. No changes were made to the site or my paypal account.


All of the sudden after selecting paypal on the payment page and then being taken to the paypal portal the order summary is blank. It still lets me login and complete the transaction I believe but it does not seem to add the tax to the amount at the end.


I am not sure what to even check?

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Did you ever found a solution to your problem?


I'm experimenting similar problems. I had Paypal Express checkout working fine and all of a sudden when the client gets to Paypal the total is correct, but there's no product description and on the email order, OSC only keeps the detail from the first item in the cart. The email to the client is also pretty much useless, they only see the first item from the cart and the correct total of their entire order.



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