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PHP 5.3 issue - pls help

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hi All php experts..


iv'e installed the stats module available here:



Its otuputting a php error, that iv'e tried to resolve using my friend google,but without luck :(


I hope one of you guys, can help me fix this simple line.. updating it to work with propper php 5.3 code (the line marked in bold)


<!-- footer_eof //-->



<?php require(DIR_WS_INCLUDES . 'application_bottom.php');


function mirror_out ($field) {

global $csv_accum;

echo $field;

$field = strip_tags($field);

$field = ereg_replace (",","",$field);

if ($csv_accum=='') $csv_accum=$field;


{if (strrpos($csv_accum,chr(10)) == (strlen($csv_accum)-1)) $csv_accum .= $field;

else $csv_accum .= "," . $field; };





Hope you can help me.




Dedicated OsCommerce user. 2011 will be the return of OsC

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