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Paypal charges the first shipping option and not the product price

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my site is www.getmaxxed.com


When a customer slects their items and goes to pay, my site gives them the best shipping option to choose from. FEDEX or USPS...


When it transfers to paypal, the total is correct. But when they go to pay, it highlights the first shipping option which is fedex overnight.. which is very costly.


then when they accept it, it charges them the overnight fee but not the price for the items purchased.


So, needless to say I have had to send requests through paypal asking them to send the rest of the payment since it always has not been enough.



Please help... I have lost many loyal customers...


Im attaching the sort order as well


OSC Version 2.3.1


Add ons installed:




Fedex Ship


Paypal Express


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