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Adding a Fee to sub total

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Hello Everyone,


I wish to be able to add a credit card "convenience" fee of 2% to the sub total of all orders made on my site, I do not know how to accomplish this. The reason why I wish to do this is because of the credit card fees I receive from my merchant account at If there is any other information that you need to help point me in the right direction, please let me know.


Thank You

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Use Payment Type Charge for that.









Will this addon work for oscommerce 2.3.x, or are there any similar addons available for 2.3.x? Would I be better off coding a new one?

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I am trying to add the cost of each payment option on checkout_payment.php in osCommerce 2.3.4, but with the solution given in the v2.2 version of this addon, but some reason (although the code makes sense), no price is retrieved.


code used:

If you want to display the payment fee in the checkout page, add this code :

# go to catalog/includes/classes/payment.php
# REPLACE the function selection() around line 125 with the one below: (or ADD the //added for ot_fixed_payment_chg" lines)
  function selection() {
      $selection_array = array();
      include_once (DIR_WS_MODULES.'order_total/ot_fixed_payment_chg.php'); // added for ot_fixed_payment_chg
      $pay_chg = new ot_fixed_payment_chg; // added for ot_fixed_payment_chg
      if (is_array($this->modules)) {
        while (list(, $value) = each($this->modules)) {
          $class = substr($value, 0, strrpos($value, '.'));
          if ($GLOBALS[$class]->enabled) {
            $selection = $GLOBALS[$class]->selection();
            $selection['cost'] = $pay_chg->get_payment_cost($class); // added for ot_fixed_payment_chg
            if (is_array($selection)) $selection_array[] = $selection;
      return $selection_array;

# go to catalog/checkout_payment.php  
# find this line (around 257)
                    <td class="main" colspan="3"><b><?php echo $selection[$i]['module']; ?></b></td>

# REPLACE with:
                    <td class="main" colspan="3"><b>
                          echo $selection[$i]['module'];
                          if ($selection[$i]['cost']){
                            echo ' ('.$currencies->format($selection[$i]['cost']).')'; 

Any help would be appreciated :)

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i got it to work....


first i go to


click show more downloads and take the top one


then i go to


and do the same


i first copy over the files from the last one, then over write them with the files from the first one... 


at the confirm i now have an amount but still need to mod the files so it shows up at payment method selection

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