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i try looking for this solutions for almost 3 months. my website accept 2 currency of payment : IDR & USD. for usd i can proceed to paypal successfully

however if i choose the currency to be IDR have an error message :


This recipient does not accept payments denominated in IDR. Please contact the seller and ask him to update his payment receiving preferences to accept this currency.


i research and found that paypal not accepting IDR yet. and i thinking there are 2 way to fix this solutions

1. convert IDR to become USD. at the end of checkout will convert to usd but i think it's not too good solutions since i set the currency of indonesia i set it manually so it will be difference if payment made with USD and IDR=convert to USD if exchange rate is change. maybe sometime will more expensive/cheaper if i choose for USD directly.

2. automatically redirect the payment :

if currency is set to IDR then the method of payment will be bank transfer

if currency is set to USD then the method of payment will be Paypal.


i prefer solutions no.2. please share the solutions/better solutions.

thanks in advance

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In your PayPal profile, enable multiple currencies. This will allow you to accept any currency as sent by your website.






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Payment modules have a condition for enable and disable.


So within Payment module you need to check currency and disable if a payment module will not go with that specific currency.



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