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Sure would like your oppinion

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I think it looks great. It's a little busy for me, but that's just personal opinion. Lot's of great work went into this.


I only have two comments.


1) Your category images in the upper right corner... You should redo them. Currently they are all squashed and don't look like anything. Even the ones with category text don't look good. Also, you may want to not use the stock OSC images - especially since you have to resize them so much.


2) Your footer reads Powered by 4DVD.nl. To be in this forum, your site needs to have Powered by OSCommerce on your site.

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I agree its a very complicated design - I only knew how to use the site because I know how an OSC site works...


Everything seems to be squased!


However, on the good side of things - it has a fast load time, and I like your header.


Please dont forget to put 'Powered by OSCommerce' on your site somewhere.



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Hey, its looking very nice. Took a little time to find the products after the text, but we got there.

Nice header and well done. 8/10


All the best with it!

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include this file in the catalog section with left and right columns:


categories images change them or simple remove them (they are the default images from OSCommerce - package.jpg, table_background_login.gif, table_background_specials.gif, etc)


if you have only one language you dont need the language box.


if you are going to sell only for european why the US dollar? UK ?, why not?


The design is to confusing. To many distracting points (hope somebody understand this, my english sucks).


If you can do that good header you can do better design in the rest. Go to Work 8).

"Long live the new Flesh"




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