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Missing modules

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First of all, hello everyone!


So I browsed the forum and the web to find a solution to my problem and it seems that I failed. Even though solutions I found have worked for others.


Problem is: in my admin view, the list of installed modules (not only shipping, all of them, but shipping is most important to me) is gone. There is only a path to modules folder and an Install button that doesn't work.

Shipping options also disappeared from the list when placing an order meaning that all orders placed don't include shipping costs.


Order placed on June 26th had the shipping price included. Next order placed on July 7th (and following orders) didn't. The thing is that between those dates I did NOTHING to the code. I only added 4 new products, that's all.


I've checked includes/configure.php and admin/includes/configure.php - everything seems to be fine.

I've tried editing compatibility.php files (as mentioned here: http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=251673) - no results.

Also tried this: http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=224783&st=0&p=923577entry923577

All the module files are in right places.


I've spent hours today on looking for the right solution and failed.


I put all my trust in you! Please, help!

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There is also this a bit further down.




Have you applied the patches to secure your site, I believe this could be a symptom of being hacked.





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THX for the reply.


Do you suggest there is something wrong with the database? I check ed it as well and everything seems to be fined. Restored from the back-up made recently but it didn't change anything.


I wonder if one thing is possible. In the table concerning installed shipping modules the information about them is "automatically updated". Is it possible to change it and manually type the name of the module I want to "restore"? Would it be a name of a *.php file? I tried it once but it got back to "automatically updated" right away.


Hacking? Sounds like a very "sophisticated" way of doing it. This is a very tiny and specialised shop, who the heck would like to hack it...

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I think I've fixed it!

The issue is related to the directory/file access to the admin directory, for some reason my files had changed to root ownership & group so just had to chown and chgrp them back to the actual user.



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I have now had the same problem occur. I have made absolutely NO changes to anything on my site, but the Payment, Order Total, and Shipping modules disappeared. The files are still there on the catalog and admin side, but in admin, under Modules, there are only pathnames and the Install button does nothing. I've checked the Configure files and they seem okay.


I've also checked permissions and nothing has changed. I'm sure the site was hacked. I had all the security measures installed that have been discussed in other threads. But, according to the host, hackers will still find a way since they are continually working on new ways to hack.


I can't find the problem and have worked on it for two days. I would appreciate any and all tips or suggestions.

Thank you.

Paul 'n NE Kansas

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