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table rate by weight question

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Hi, I cannot understand how to set the weights in the table rate module on latest version. There is no option for kgs or grams and the cart says something about pounds.


I want to charge the following:


3kgs (& under) $8.50

5 kgs (and under) $18.50

over 5kgs $27.50


All my products weight 500gms (or 0.50 in the product weight)


My table rate look like this:


3:8.50, 5:18.50, 1000: 27.50


Why when I add over 3 kilos of product does it still charge $8.50 - none of the weights are calculating right?


Please help (I've been trying for days to get it right!) :'(

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The logic looks good in program. You haven't changed anything in the program? You do have the table mode set to "weight"? You weights are set in products file "products_weight"? I know those are simple and small things but sometimes it's the small things we overlook.

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