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How To Turn Off Authorize.net html order email?

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[This was originally posted in the wrong forum.]


I have Authorize.net Credit Card AIM installed as a payment method.


When an order is created, the site sends the customer the standard text version email summarizing the order. A second email is also sent to the customer. The second is an html version email that also summarizes the order. It must be trigger somewhere in the Authorize.net payment contribution because the email contains the Authorize.net transaction ID and it only happens with credit card orders.


At first, I thought that it was an Authorize.net developer's setting. However, when I switch it over to production with another account, it still produced the html version emails. Although I'm pretty sure that the setting have to be somewhere in OSC, I cannot find setting the the admin payment module for the email.


Since I think that it may be confusing for the customer to receive a text and html version of the order acknowledgement, how do I turn off the html order email that is trigger somewhere by Authorized.net?



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