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Cart Cookie problem - it doesn't work the way it sopposed to

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I installed the "Cart Cookie" contribution and after a few tests everything seemed to work just fine.

After a few days I started to receive e-mails from my clients complaining that their cart is empty when they come back on my site. I tryed to see where the problem is testing it on Opera and IE and it seems that:

1. In IE, if I restart the computer, the cart is lost. I don't know yet if it has to do with me restarting the computer, or it's based on a fisex period.

2. In Opera, it works for 1-2 hours (can't get the exact period). After that time, my cart is empty again...


I have these settings:






HTTP_COOKIE_DOMAIN = 'www.domain.com';


Is there a way to test if there is a problem and what is the problem? I also have installed a contrib for user cookie (user remain logged in) but I can't remember which one. The same thing happens with this too. So when I loose the cookie for the cart, I loose it for user too.


Any advices?


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