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CKEDITOR config help

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I have another thread going trying to establish a problem with the install of ckeditor and filemanager but as i need to have ckeditor re-installed to as before without filemanager i am attempting to re-install just ckeditor but have the following happening after install and hope somebody can assist.

Problem 1. Ckeditor shows twice now in the products entry one above the other why is this and how do i get only one.

Problem 2. I have enabled the upload tab and browse server buttons in the ckeditor image.js file can some body tell me where i set the path for the upload to server button as i receive a error when using this button. I do not think the browse server button will work without a filemanager installed is this true ?

Problem 3. it seems that following opening the add image box and then using the cancel button that the product entry page freezes and can only cancel by doing a page refresh does anyone know what causes this.

Has anyone successfully installed ckfinder with ckeditor on osc 2.3 ?

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With ref to my previous post after reading some info on the net i have solved problems 1 & 3 by removing some code i added but still have the upload to server error 404 i think after trying to upload to server anyone help me with this ?

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