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grid attributes question

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Is it possible for this contribution to work if my server doesn't allow this:?

$query="CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `products_grid` (
 `products_grid_id` int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment,
 `products_id` int(11) default NULL,
 `row_options_value_id` int(11) default NULL,
 `col_options_value_id` int(11) default NULL,
 `grid_values_price` decimal(15,2) default NULL,
 `grid_quantity` int(4) NOT NULL,
 `grid_status` tinyint(1) NOT NULL,
 PRIMARY KEY  (`products_grid_id`),
 KEY `products_id` (`products_id`)


I ran the sql manually to see if it would work. I think I have all the code correctly placed. When I click on the "create grid" button, it logs me out of admin. Any ideas how to solve this issue?

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