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Need Help on some codes I modified for Latest News Addon to work with osC2.3.1

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I spent a whole day to get Latest News 1.2.1 + UPDATE for OSC 2.3.1 working on osC2.3.1 but I concluded, it need serious rework as those new files provided need to be converted into osC2.3.1 format.


I made a lame working version for myself but I am 100% sure that it needs improving by a pro coder.


I don't know if I should upload it to addon site and name it as 'Latest News beta1 for osC2.3.1'? I don't want to cause any harm to ppl's site caused by my update but I also need ppl help on improving it.


I hope someone who has got time would do a proper version of Latest News or News Desk sorta addon but for now, if anyone interested, please download, try and see if you can improve it. :P


Latest News Beta v1 for osC 2.3.1




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I placed old Latest News Info_Box for osC2.2 to the Main body part in osC2.3.1 Well it works for my needs but would be great someone to improve it for my bad coding to help other ppl better.


I have tried to get the Heading Title to match the rest of Main body but the box_text, it still look like using old info_box style. please see pic below:






Would be great if anyone can improve this and repack it for ppl to download. ESp in case of any security risk of my modification, can a pro please take a look?



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