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ANyone can help me convert a osc2.2 info box into osc2.3 content table right above "what's new this month"?

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I am trying to install 'Latest News' on my osc 2.3.1


After done 95% install and self-correction on this osc2.2 contribution, I am stuck now. :(


The guide was not clear and I think there were something missing, so I did what I know about osc2.2 and managed to get this addon to work in a weird way (both front and admin end)


Even the latest update seems to make it adapting to osc2.3 but i am sure the install guide was still for osc2.2 Plus files were not converted into osc2.3 format. So I made my own guide and intended to upload for other to use, but now im frustrated. I got 2 major problems.


1. News is displayed as old left/right side info box even it is as wide as New Product table. I cant get this info box style to match with rest site. Please pic below:





2. In admin, everytime I click on 'News' under Catalog, I lose the whole style/format of the left side. Please see pic:



My own version of install guide can be downloaded here! <-- Click


Can Anyone help? I am not putting up much hope that someone would help but worth a try :D



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