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Henry Blake

.exe hack

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Hi Everyone


Today I went onto my site and got a .exe type virus this made it impossible to run any .exe files on my computer.




Anyway I easily got rid of it. But I got a call from a customer saying they had the same problem.


I have a couple of thoughts on where this came from.


1. I considered that it may have been from the email link in order confirmation linking back to the customers account. He had used this link this morning and then got the virus. So i deleted the email link back to customers account.


2. I recently embedded a couple of youtube videos into the site which may have been a weak link. Does anyone have any experience of the youtube embed code being weak spots fro virus's


Any help or advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated.





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You might want to have a read through the instructions on how to clean up your site and patch it against intrusion. The more likely scenario is that there is an iframe embedded in one of the pages on your site that installs a virus into your computer. Some of these viruses intentions are to grab your FTP login details, or control panel login details for later use once you patch your site.

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