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Help! Deadline and I'm lost - "Credit Card Error"

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I have osCommerce and authorize.net version 2.2-MS2 in my payment modules. At authorize.net I have version 3.1. My host says they have cURL 7.15.5 installed.


I have my API and transaction key. I've tested with the virutal terminal at authorize.net in Test Mode and it went through fine.


I installed the authorize.net module with the following in my osCommerce module: accept authorize.net TRUE, have authorize.net send email FALSE.


I made sure the email response at the authorize.net settings was unchecked. I put nothing in response URLS...because the tutorial I watched said MS2 was "out of the box" and nothing needed to be configured for that.


When I do a test transaction OR a real credit card transaction through my store it stays on the "input credit card" screen and has a pink/red bar across the top (nothing written in the bar) with the words "Credit Card Error" above the bar.


Can anyone help me out? I'm sure I'm not configuring something right, but I don't know what.


Thank you!!

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