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Lightbox not working with STS

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I'm hoping that someone can help me. I installed the Lightbox addon with the Additional Images addon.

I've been messing about with the settings for over 3 hours now and cannot get it to work. The nearest I can get to getting it to work is having the lightbox effect appear but the image doesn't appear - it just has the animated wheel going round.

Also when you hover over the image, it doesn't give a definite link to the image - it just comes up with catalog/images/ which is probably why the images aren't appearing.

Below are images of what the page is doing and what my admin setting are.


I really hope someone can help - I can't figure this one out.









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It doesn't matter. The problem turned out to be that I needed Additional Images to re-process the images again.

That's one thing chalked off for now...

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