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Need opinions on my site

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Hi all,

I have had my Osc site up for two years now and would like to get some feedback on its appearance and any constructive opinions. here's the linkMy link

If the only tool you have is a hammer, all your problems look like nails

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Hello lyonsperf,


Your store has lots of things done right to get customers to buy: purchase without account, Gift Vouchers, good use of stylesheet. It is a good site, easy to navigate around and very, very detailed with lots of items for sale. Has an SSL certificate that works, nice colour contrast and and no column right which means not stock oscommerce.


I noticed the footer area needs aligning as it gets edges out with the red comodo triangle and I do think the add to cart buttons could be redesigned to make them more in sync with the feel of the site but all in all it looks like a good site and the fact you have it up and running for say two years means it must be fairly lucrative :)


Wishing you success with your venture



Upon receiving fixes and advice, too many people don't bother to post updates informing the forum of how it went. Until of course they need help again on other issues and they come running back!


Why receive the information you require in good faith for free, only to then have the attitude to ignore the people who gave it to you?


There's no harm in saying, 'Thanks, it worked'. On the contrary, it creates a better atmosphere.



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You should have it optimised for search engines. Looks like you put a lot of effort into it shame not to get all the traffic you can.


Things like the title of the page matching the content of the page and the keywords of the page matching the contents of the page will do wonders to the amount of traffic you get.

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