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On 5/11/2017 at 8:53 PM, Jack_mcs said:

Those orders would probably be considered orphaned at this point. The code will delete orders that are attached to a customer that is being deleted. But if the customer for those orders doesn't exist, they won't get deleted. Take a look at one of the orders in admin, copy the email address or last name (something unique) and then go to the customers section and search for it. If it doesn't show a customer then that is what the problem is.

I think I did something similar by accident. First I ran option A, I think, since it was the default and I didn't change it. So it deleted customers but not orders......Then I realized what happened and switched it to Option B, I think, to delete customers and orders, but 34,000 orders remain. How can I now delete all of these old orders?

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There isn't a way in the current version of this addon to remove orphan orders. That would have to be done via the database. But since orders are spread out over several tables it would not be a simple change.  But short of restoring the customers and address book tables and running it again, that's the only choice I can think of. The latter can cause problems if your customers have changed something in their accounts so it is not a good choice unless you know for sure nothing would have changed.

There are some old addons for this. They may need updating to work with your shop and you should make a backup of the database first but one may work, probably the delete orders by filter.

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Posted (edited)

Hi Jack,

I need an add-ons like this. Is it compatible with Edge ? I didn't see in your description add-on page.


Edited by John-Peter

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