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Is USPS shipping module down

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The USPS 5.0.3 upgrade was going easy until I ran into this step:


6. SQL changes


I cannot locate the sql statement but this is what it needs to look like:

set_function text latin1_swedish_ci Yes NULL



configuration table --> structure

edit set_function from 255 to 1020



What??? This is what what needs to look like? This screwed my usps module to the point where I'm downgrading to 5.0.0

Run the following SQL code in phpMyAdmin:


ALTER TABLE `configuration` CHANGE `set_function` `set_function` VARCHAR( 1020 )

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No official update for the USPS Methods that comes with 2.3.1?


I spent a lot of time ready through all the many postings all with different solutions and I'm really confused on which one to use.


Right now my shop is down because of this :(

Edited by pederb

-Peder Beckman-

Kool Kat Jazz Records

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I've been reading all the posts and am having the same problems many of you are having. I am using osCommerce v2.2 RC2. The shopping cart is working for domestic orders but not for International orders. I had a friend set up my ocCommerce software but she is not available any more and I can't do any modifications myself. Just not PHP literate. How can I find someone who can take care of any modifications to the osCommerce, including this new shipping module issue?

shopgrl :huh:

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Thank you very much twocats_us that fixed this issue, I'm able to see the options now, but for some reason now I can't edit the module settings, thanks again!


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