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Multiple packages per order

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A client finally has decided to move up from an old cgi cart and is seriously considering OSC (probably oscMAX to be more to the point) but he has 2 criteria. UI belive I have the payment issue settled in my head, it is the shipping thing thats an issue.


He currently ships using stamps.com (a hook to USPS to print the postage) or FedEx


His biggest issue from my research is he sells items such as posters, books, & collectibles. If someone orders a book and a poster, they obviously can not ship in the same package and must ship separately.


I can not find any information regarding how either the stamps.com or the fedex modules will accomplish this. He really wants this as automated as possible, so the shipping module must be able to see the items in this order must be 2 different packages when shipping and price accordingly.


I know that I can set limits in the Shipping/Packaging section and set an increase by percent over that, but will this accomplish what he needs? I am thinking it will not.


On top of this I see that spring 2012 the current fedex modules will cease to function properly.. so that is a major concern for me in this instance. None of the carts I currently mange use any real time FedEx quote modules, so I am completely unfamiliar with them.

Debbie D
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