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Stock units in 2.3.1

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Hi folks


I have been using OSC2.2 for a while fairly successfully, and am thinking about a new install with 2.3.1 due to the new security features etc. Am hoping it will be better than my current site, which still comes up with AVG saying there's a script injection issue even after all the security I've done on it (and the only file AVG doesn't like is the damned server log!!! (once I delete the previous days log, AVG is fine with the site!).


However, I've had to use a sort of "get-around" with my stock in 2.2 and was wondering if 2.3.1 would deal with it any better.


I weave lengths of braid - and sell by the metre or half metre - so would ideally like to be able to specify a stock value of (say) 3.4 metres, and for people to buy 2.4, or 1.2, or whatever they wanted. (and if the order would leave me with less than 1m, for it to disallow the sale for instance, but that would be a bonus!).


I've cludged it with allowing drop down lists for attributes, and put stock quantity as 1 for all pieces, um. difficult to describe, but easy to see if you look at the website. (www.ariadnetheweaver.org).


Is 2.3.1 easier to do this sort of modification? Can I use partial stock quantities "out of the box" so to speak, or is there an addon that's 2.3.1 compatible (I know there was one for 2.2 but it wasn't quite what I was after).

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