This is the official support thread for the new Tab Menu Section (TMS) and Pronux TMS For Admin contribution.   IMPORTANT: Before posting here, please try the following steps to solve your problem:   1. Add following code to see possible errors:   BEFORE include DIR_WS_INCLUDES.'TMS/Conf.php'; ADD error_reporting(E_ALL); ini_set("display_errors", 1); 2. Check if the stylesheet.css is correct: Have you added the TMS CSS entries to the right stylesheet.css? There is one for the shop and one for the admin. 3. Upload the the modified and working PHP-files from zip package to your shop and try if it works: Important: backup/rename the original files first 4. Empty your browser cache 5. Post your question or problem here in the forum, if possible add a screenshot of the issue   Demo Page: You can test the add-on live at: - -